Family Farm Ordered to Destroy 50,000 Pounds of Cheese


Dry Cows Coming In at Morningland Dairy

Reality? Reason?

Nah, We’ve got Regulatory Authority!

by Guest Blogger, ©Doreen Hannes 2010

Morningland Dairy is the latest attempt by the FDA to fulfill the Healthy People 2020 objective to kill raw dairy. Morningland is owned by Joseph and Denise Dixon, who operate the cheese plant and make raw cheese from cows kept right on the property and managed by one of their eldest daughters. They have 12 children, 4 who still live at home, and they have been actively engaged in real food for decades.  They were caught up in the Rawesome Raid dragnet and many believe the questionable California Dept of Food and Agriculture tests on their cheese are the legal justification for the multi-agency guns drawn raid at Rawesome.

Farm’s Perfect Safety Record Matters Not to Authorities

Morningland Calf

Morningland Calf and Farmer's Daughter

In the thirty years of Morningland Dairy operations NO ONE has become ill from consuming their products. Yet they have been ordered by the Missouri Milk Board to destroy ALL of their cheese without actual tests being performed on the cheese stock. This is nearly 50,000 pounds of cheese, or approximately $250,000.

Since the Milk Board and the FDA showed up at Morningland on August 26th, they have been “embargoed” from shipping or making any product. They dumped their milk for nearly six weeks before being approved to send it into homogenized, pasteurized distribution. All the while, they have had to pay the bill to keep the dairy and cheese plant operable.

On September 24th, the Milk Board verbally ordered Morningland to destroy their product. Morningland asked that this order be put in writing. One week later the order was hand delivered to General Manager/owner, Joseph Dixon. The order states that in three business days the Milk Board would contact them with when and how the cheese was to be destroyed.

Morningland Rebuts the Destroy Order and Offers a Solution


Bringing in Mother and her Newborn Calf

Morningland dared to publish a written objection to committing suicide, a rebuttal and proposed remedy. They rebutted many of the stated “facts” in the 10-page order, Destroy Orders: Morningland Dairy. The Morningland Dairy then offered a reasonable, logical, scientifically sound remedy to destruction on the afternoon of October 6th.

Gov’t Pushes Forward to Destroy Cheese, and Farm

The next morning, they were served with a restraining order and preliminary injunction by the Attorney General’s office of Missouri. They were to be in court the very next day. In sum, they were ordered to destroy their wealth on Friday, asked for logic and justice on Wednesday, notified they were being sued on Thursday and ordered to be in court on Friday.

At 4:50pm on Thursday, the Attorney General’s office called and canceled court because one or two of their witnesses couldn’t attend. Never mind that a family run dairy and cheese plant with 9 families making a living through it should mount a legal defense against destruction in one day. It’s another raid using Gestapo legal tactics that fit the MO of the FDA and their minions….or sub agents, if you prefer.

As readers of this blog and those in the real food movement know, the FDA has a mission. They have blatantly stated that you have no right to consume foods of your choice, and the FDA Plant and Dairy head has a documented Howard Hughes like fear of raw dairy. They are happy to use their resources to “protect” you from consuming things that don’t make any one ill.  They’ve reduced science to superstition. If they get more power through S.510, they will regulate the family farm and real food to death and give you Cheez Whiz and Twinkies as government approved food.


Feeding Goat Milk to the Calves at Morningland Dairy Farm

What You Can Do to Help

To fight for your right to choose what you want to eat, Morningland must be able to go on the offense. They are willing to sacrifice everything they have worked for to stand for your ability to eat real food.

Friends of Morningland have put up a website, The Uncheese Party. They are asking supporters to sponsor a cheese to help the family out financially.

For as little as $5 you can tell the FDA and their minions that you are smart enough to decide what you want to eat and don’t need their permission or “help” to figure out what is “good for us”.  This battle must be won.

Click here to lend your support to: Uncheese Party and make a donation at !

doreen-hannesFor several years, Doreen Hannes has been actively exposing the agencies and organizations that desire to control the food supply through international agreements, treaties and the agency rule making and legislative processes. A married homesteader, raiser of food, critters and children, she has dedicated herself to exposing the truth behind the disinformation being spouted by those who would benefit financially from controlling independent agriculture.

UPDATE from Kimberly 10/20/2010: The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund is now representing the Dixon family. The Uncheese Party has raised over $9000! The family is so heartened by all the support. Yesterday, the farmer had 35 letters and checks come in the mail! At the suggestion of one of the donors, we have teamed up with and set a goal of raising the rest of the $250,000 that will fully compensate the Morningland team for their labors, and help defray legal expenses. Regardless of the fate of their cheese, here is a tangible way we can show our support. Here is a new facebook fan page for The Uncheese Party.

Update 10/21/2010-The total funds raised is now over $11,000! And, here is the official action alert put out by the Weston A. Price Foundation. Activists, get engaged! If everyone that read this story (49,000+) had given just $5.00, our fundraising total would be over $246,000!

Click here to lend your support to: Uncheese Party and make a donation at !

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  1. Between the interference of government in food choices and misinformation spread by people about the same on any level it’s tough to have choices. A news item talks of Nashville being a food desert - yet support of farms with choices isn’t there either. What do people think they’ll eat?

  2. When will people realize that healthy people 2020 is a United Nations dictate. Since when did we vote them in?

  3. Bill Bibb says:

    The recall is a result of regulatory sampling in the State of California. This regulatory sampling of Morningland Dairy cheese, which was taken from the Rawesome store in Venice, California, revealed the Morningland Dairy Hot Pepper Colby and Garlic Colby Cheeses contained the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes. And..if you are not aware.. the organism is one of the most pathogenic foodborne organisms in existence…instead of telling people to save the poor farmers who allowed the contamination..I think that society would be better served if you got the word out to NOT eat their damn cheeses.. indeed.. it is found frequently in raw soft cheeses (because they provide moisture for growth and survival of the organsm)..and pregnant mothers are often advised not to eat soft cheeses such as Brie, Camembert, feta. It is the third most common cause of meningitis in newborns. Feel free to not include this information and possibly be responsible for all the resulting aborted babies.

    • Prairie Girl says:

      Are you kidding me?? You have the nerve to accuse people of being responsible for “all the resulting aborted babies’ yet our “government” who is soooo concerned about my health that they need to tell me what to eat and when…sanctions the killing of unborn babies all the up to 9 months… please pick another argument because our government doesn’t give a crap about ‘aborted babies” billions of dollars go to Planned Murderhoood FUNDED BY THE TAXPAYER every year.. it is all about control control control and now they are pissed that someone actually decided to fight them and their little tyrades.

    • Calvin Case says:

      Bill I don’t think you can legally prove that “poor farmers allowed the contamination.” My family has property in Venice, which has some interesting weather. The hippie store in Venice is not known for its climate control. The having lived in three different California cities with various proximity to the beach I can attest the climate does amazing things to cheese that is exposed to it. If the local, batch sample in MO were negative. Then there shouldn’t be a case here in MO and what we have here is a grandstanding out of control DA who just made the state very libel for a counter suit with is very negligent interpretation of his duties. On top of the prop B issue he has just made the democrats very unpopular with the urban hip of his own party and handed the GOP a slam dunk issue…
      I think we can save the taxpayers of MO some money by cutting some budgets, the obviously over funded and bloated with far too too many excess bureaucrats, the Missouri milk board comes to mind first on the state level and the FDA on the fed.
      Bill is there had been a tainted local sample the DA could have gotten away with this. There wasn’t he grandstanded and got caught, and he will never hold another elected office in this country and that has nothing to do with his party jumping, he was just professionally so legally wrong here he might as well change his name to Lazarus cause he is going to be driven into the political desert.
      This isn’t an end around to get at corporate pig farms ala prop B puppy mills, this was a display of raw ignorance and arrogance by Democratic Party hacks… The GOP is screaming for budget cuts well you just handed them a safe budget to cut, voters like cheesemakers, they don’t like milk boards or the white coats who know what Listeria monocytogenes is (who just might get their funding from said boards as inspectors). Without anyone sick or a tainted sample in Missouri this is just harassment. Milk board paint a target on those white coats cause you just became chum for the tea party types.
      PS at the cattleman club in CO (it isn’t a public resteraunt) or the Bohemien club outside sf or even at a E Clampus vitus fixin you can get “REAL Butter.” Or cheese that doesn’t say kraft on it. There are a lot more dairy farmers than there are dairy producers (ie big milk companies) and the 544 votes that count in this country look to their own hides first. This case and this DA need to take one for the good of the herd and go away quickly. If the democratrs had any brains they should offer to BUY all the cheese at an inflated price to cover the farms considerable pain and anguish they have needlessly caused. Six times the actual retail price if sold in 8 oz packages sounds fair.
      Secondly see if they can’t find a sample from the cork industry for the milk board. 

    • Show me the test results from two different non bias agencies and I will believe you. Unitl them I have seen and witnessed two farms in MN being targeted for selling UNADULTEREDED food, that past all test. Read your history and read about Monsantos agenda along with agenda 21 and this healthy food 2020. You must work for the minions destroying this country, or just have been completley brainwashed or blessed with the need to be controlled, well if you need control, move to North Korea, or any other dictated country, ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN HERE!!!!

  4. Kimberly Hartke says:

    I just made my donation to the Uncheese Party!

    Please, join me in building this farmers war chest. What happens here will have national implications for food freedom and small farm survival.

    Keep those cows on green grass by sponsoring a cheese, today!

  5. Dear Bill Bibb,
    You are just as guilty of not sharing the whole story.
    Morningland Dairy has been tested and been found free of pathogens according to their blog (excerpt to follow). My question is this: was the
    cheese properly handled and refrigerated at the retail store and by the FDA after it was seized? If there is a problem at Morningland Dairy, wouldn’t they
    have found the bacteria when they took all those samples?

    The saga of how they’ve been railroaded can be found here:

    Despite ALWAYS being compliant with govt rules and regulations, and despite the fact that the FDA found NOTHING wrong at their dairy (if there really is a problem, it’s out in California!), Morningland has been forced to recall and embargo their cheeses based on a sample taken from a cheese that was seized in California (four months after it left Missouri) - and not tested until FIFTY FIVE DAYS after the sample was seized.

    Now, despite the fact that the FDA took over 100 swabs of the dairy, and ALL the samples tested came back 100% free of pathogens, the FDA and the Missouri Milk Board have declared that Morningland Dairy must DESTROY ALL 50,000 pounds of their cheese product sitting innocently in their coolers. (This in addition to all the cheese destroyed due to the recall)

    • Calvin Case says:

      Look at the direct correlation between donations by large dairy pasteurizes IE pevely sealetst Prairie farms etc and the DEMOCRAT DA (and republican party turncoat ie who is not currently a popular fellow with the GOP) that brought the case who happens to be a direct recipient of “soft” campaign and lobby funds by said dairy distributors (who happen to take care of the pasteurization process)..The farms major competitors are HUGE donors to the guy who brought the case.. Say huntleigh cheese pleaseConflict of interest!!!! Counter suit!!!! Collusion!!! Sue back for damages… all MO samples passed, whatever was in CA was the responsibility of the Venice distributor, and this is basic grocery law. It was fine when it arrived but went bad in the store, like when one of the places I owned some of the Brownberry bread on the shelves (to use as an example) got mold or out of date on the shelf the jobber who had my stores accounts simply replaced it. Send the Venice store whatever the weight of allegedly tainted cheese was as replacement…..End of stories.. Proper maintenance of the product is the responsibility of the store once it accepts the food… all you have to do is prove the batch it came from in MO was untainted..Best chance of political support….. Suburban republicans, since the FDA is squarely in the hands of the dems since the Clinton era…nothing suburbanite GOP types would like better than to feel they were a friend of the farmer, especially since it is an feel-good issue no where near their own backyards….. Having real butter at the local steakhouse appeals…….Why not pass this case to say the second year law students as say wash u with maybe a nod from the from the former attorney general of the US in the law center named for his family (who just might happen to like real butter).The MO state officials overstepped here.Secondly the Venice police did not follow proper police gun procedure in drawing their weapons with out cause or threat and should be investigated by internal affairs for discipline or dismissal.

  6. Kimberly Hartke says:

    Bill, Colby is an aged hard cheese, not a soft cheese. Aged hard cheeses are among the very safest raw dairy foods.

    California law requires a split sample, one going to the farm (so they can do their own independent test) and one going to the lab. This procedure was not followed.

    Who knows what other procedures were not followed in this case. The whole thing, stinks.

  7. I said I would also put this story up on my blog. I am wondering if a Facebook fundraiser might work even better (??)

  8. Sharon Zecchinelli says:

    Besides which, Billy Bibb, the chain of custody was not documented, the person taking the cheese samples for testing had just come from a hospital and did not follow proper procedures for sterile sampling to avoid cross contamination. And, it’s CHEESE! Hello??? Cheese wouldn’t be cheese without bacteria. The scientific fact is that the friendly bacteria in cheese keeps the unfriendly at bay. Kind of like what goes on in a person’s gut. Maybe not yours though. You probably prefer sterile food.

  9. Mr Bibb is either unaware of the facts in this case, is selectively “sharing” limited information that is not germane to this topic, or he is one of the mindless rabble that live by the sound bites they pick up here and there.

    Or, he’s a govt plant. Hm.

    That said, in addition to the information Paula shared above (the improper testing methods, et al) the cheese in question had been out of Morningland’s control for SIX MONTHS. Furthermore, it sat an additional FIFTY FIVE DAYS AFTER SEIZURE before it was tested - a direct violation of the laws of the State of California.

    Mr Bibb, either educate yourself and tell the truth, or go tell your handlers that your tactics will not work with an educated populace. We won’t tolerate this bullying any more.

  10. I just bought a “pound of cheese” to show my support. Keep up the good fight!

  11. Erwin Alber says:

    Not a single person has been harmed by any of the raw cheeses from this farm, yet pharma drugs approved by the members of the FDA Gestapo kill thousands of Americans each year!

    Prescription Drugs - Leading Killer in USA

    According to information we have received, a statistical study of hospital deaths in the U.S. conducted at the University of Toronto revealed that pharmaceutical drugs kill more people every year than are killed in traffic accidents.

    The study is said to show that more than two million American hospitalized patients suffered a serious adverse drug reaction (ADR) within the 12-month period of the study and, of these, over 100,000 died as a result. The researchers found that over 75 per cent of these ADRs were dose-dependent, which suggests they were due to the inherent toxicity of the drugs rather than to allergic reactions.

    The data did not include fatal reactions caused by accidental overdoses or errors in administration of the drugs. If these had been included, it is estimated that another 100,000 deaths would be added to the total every year.

    The researchers concluded that ADRs are now the fourth leading cause of death in the United States after heart disease, cancer, and stroke.

    Source: Jason, et al. (Lazarou et al), Incidence of Adverse Drug Reactions in Hospitalized Patients, Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Vol. 279. April 15, 1998, pp. 1200-05. Also Bates, David W., Drugs and Adverse Drug Reactions: How Worried Should We Be? JAMA, Vol. 279. April 15, 1998, pp. 1216-17.

    One of the first JAMA article on medical errors appeared in JAMA 1994;272:1851-7. by Leape LL. Then in April 1998, JAMA 1998 Apr 15;279(15):1200-5 See

    Related articles are at

    Other related articles:
    Schuster M, McGlynn E, Brook R. How good is the quality of health care in the United States? Milbank Q. 1998;76:517-563.

    World Health Report 2000. Available at:

    Starfield B. Evaluating the State Children’s Health Insurance Program: critical considerations. Annu Rev Public Health. 2000;21:569-585.

    Leape L. Unnecessary surgery. Annu Rev Public Health. 1992;13:363-383.

    Phillips D, Christenfeld N, Glynn L. Increase in US medication-error deaths between 1983 and 1993. Lancet. 1998;351:643-644.

    Weingart SN, Wilson RM, Gibberd RW, Harrison B. Epidemiology and medical error. BMJ. 2000;320:774-777.

    Guyer B, Hoyert D, Martin J, Ventura S, MacDorman M, Strobino D. Annual summary of vital statistics 1998. Pediatrics. 1999;104:1229-1246.

    Harrold LR, Field TS, Gurwitz JH. Knowledge, patterns of care, and outcomes of care for generalists and specialists. J Gen Intern Med. 1999;14:499-511.

    Holland E, Degruy F. Drug-Induced Disorders - November 1, 1997 - American Family Physician “…more than 1 million patients are injured while in the hospital and approximately 180,000 die because of these injuries.”

  12. Erwin Alber says:

    Commentator Bill Bibbs pathological fear of microbes may have to do with the fact that he used to work for the CDC (Centres of Deception and Corruption).

  13. Erwin Alber says:

    FDA motto: “What’s good for your health is bad for you and what’s bad for your health must be good for you!”

    What perverts!

    When I was visiting relatives in Pennsylvania we bought raw cheese from a family farm. The farmer had a list of cheeses written on a whiteboard - with the worlds ‘Unfit for human consumption’ beneath it. These four words made it legal for him to sell his cheeses, as it absolved him from legal responsibility. Maybe the familiy involved with the dispute with the FDA could try this as well?

  14. Erwin Alber says:

    Not a single person has suffered any health problems from eating cheese from this farm, yet 106,000 Americans die from FDA-approved prescription drugs each year, according to ‘Death by Medicine’. That is a conservative number. Some experts estimate it should be more like 200,000 because of underreported cases of adverse drug reactions.

    Has the FDA nothing better to do than harass family farmers? But I forget: although the FDA is publicly funded, it has obviously been hijacked to protect corporate interests instead of our health. Shame on it! .

  15. Richard Rajchel says:

    William (Bill) Bibb retires

    With 30 years of combined federal service, William (Bill) Bibb retired on September 3, 2005. Bibb joined CDC in 1978 and worked for 27 years in the Division of Bacterial and Mycotic Diseases (DBMD), NCID. He improved methods for diagnosing and subtyping a diverse group of bacterial pathogens including Legionella spp., Brucella spp., Bacillus anthracis, Bartonella henselae (cat scratch disease), Haemophilus influenzae biogroup aegyptius (Brazilian purpuric fever), Listeria, and Neisseria meningitidis.

    From the CDC’s own website…so we should trust him because he worked for the government that is trying to destroy real food right? Ha!

  16. Ha, Bill; I’m pregnant (2nd time) and I’ve been advised not to eat deli meats, hot dogs & soft cheeses due to listeria. I do follow that advice, but it doesn’t apply to hard cheeses that are not bacterially cured (that’s what makes your brie soft, y’know). No one’s taking hot dogs or deli meats off the shelves, nor closing their production facilities, because it’s considered “mostly harmless” for the general population.
    So explain to me, please, why this farm “MUST” close?

  17. how is that there were fewer deaths from cancer and out of control bacteria BEFORE the fda and the cdc? how is that anyone was able to survive past the cradle without the government protecting us?

    we need to get out of the u.n. now. not later. last i checked we’re a sovereign nation and are not required to adhere to their edicts.

  18. These cheese’s are EXCELLENT! Garlic Colby is our family’s personal favorite, we eat it whenever we can. I am dismayed that the family is having to go through this.

  19. Yes, the FDA does such a good job keeping all of our food “safe”-tomatoes and peppers, peanut butter, ground beef….oh, wait what point was i trying to make? Give me a break. This is about keeping smaller, family-owned businesses from becoming prolific enough to compete with the corporate food giants.

  20. Your government has exchanged the Truth for a lie..
    They actually accept votes from a communist forum.

  21. I eat raw cheese and dairy, but wow. Whenever there’s a probably legitimate recall, the entire raw dairy community is in massive denial.

    Read the rebuttal. The Nixons are tripping. For the 14 samples tested in consultation with the Milk Board, ALL of which tested positive for pathogens, their response is that the chain of custody was not documented. Morningland was *entirely* responsible for the sampling and delivery process, from beginning to end! With their entire business on the line, they performed the sampling without a Milk Board representative present, and then passed the samples on to non-employee family members to courier to the lab. Had the samples come back clean, I guarantee you they would have considered that process good enough.

    But when every single sample came back contaminated, the Nixons then claimed that the sampling process and chain of custody, factors 100% under THEIR control, were at fault.

    RIGHT. Three guesses what the response would be if the Milk Board put forward such nonsense.

    Then, after stating that the pathogens resulted from problems with their own sampling and courier process, their proposed remedy is that they be trusted to continue sampling and testing their own product.


    Let’s say that instead of a raw milk dairy, this is a CAFO slaughterhouse asking to be trusted after an E.coli recall. Would you find their argument reasonable? I wouldn’t either.

    Morningland should request a short stay to re-sample and submit for testing, ensuring proper sample protocol and documenting chain of custody under direct supervision by all appropriate Morningland and Milk Board personnel.

    Period. That is the only possible response to this order. If contamination is found, the destroy order should be followed. Possibly, at least some of the product could be re-sold to be heat-treated for use in pet food.

    In the meantime, raw milk advocates need to stop being so unbelievably brain-dead when a dairy experiences possible contamination. People do get sick, and some people (especially children) do die from raw milk contamination. We and our families pay for and deserve impeccably safe and completely transparent processes from our producers. If they cannot provide that, and persist in offering defenses such as the Nixons’ that amount to illogical swill, they do not deserve moral or financial support.

  22. My goodness.

    So many “FDA approved” food gets recalled every year it’s not even funny, and they’re shutting down a farm that has never gotten anyone sick?! “Raw” dairy farmers go through tons of tests on their farms, including, usually, a checkup every three days or so to make sure what they sell is safe. You are more likely to get sick from “FDA approved” foods than raw!! What are they thnking?

  23. Oh goodie! Back to the good ole days of FDR and NRA (Now of course the EPA). REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER! Vote Democrats out and get the EPA and outrageous spending and taxes under control again!

  24. I wonder if this could be challenged on Eighth Amendment grounds (“excessive fines imposed”)?

  25. Joseph G. S. says:

    The government control is getting to ominous. Healthy foods are being targeted and brought under their dominion. Reminds me of Germany in the 1930′s when the IGFahrben cartels promoted processed foods with the belief in Eugenics as their end design. I feel that spirit is coming back to play today in the USA.

  26. rosemary lafollette says:

    I’ve been drinking raw milk for 8 years now and understand it’s benefits and the ill health you encourage with pasturized milk. I’m healthier and do not fear my dairy at all. I do fear the nation’s food supply and our FDA’s ignorance and refusal to research properly. The US is truly controlled by big agra business.

  27. You know, my family doesn’t consume dairy anymore - but organic small farms where the cows are treated well, I will support for others who choose this food. It’s amazing when the government pulls a drug from the marketplace for too many side effects but allows the company to continue selling what’s left on the shelf so they can still profit from tainted vaccines, etc. (like when mercury was to be removed in certain vaccines but were still in Dr’s offices and on shelves until the lots ran out).

    Here is a perfectly safe food and they are not even allowed the same courtesy of selling off what is already made until they can win this one. What’s next? Drug companies controlling our vitamin C?

    Too few people (organizations) have too much power in America today.

  28. Bill Bibb provided a great example of how to discredit yourself in one sentence: “Feel free to not include this information and possibly be responsible for all the resulting aborted babies.”

    Incredible statements such as this are often resorted to when one has no other credible or verifiable information to get one’s point across. It’s much the same as name-calling and other inflammatory speech.

  29. Kimberly Hartke says:

    Ok, EM, let’s say you are right. Shouldn’t an illness, in conjunction with test results, be required to condemn 50,000 lbs of cheese ? As you probably are aware, these lab tests can take a barely detectable pathogen that wouldn’t make anyone sick and grow a large colony in a petri dish. So what does that really prove if the cheese is making no one sick?

    I would gladly take the suspect Morningland cheese and use it in a casserole. Heat destroys bacteria. Or it should be allowed to be sold to the prison system for use in hot meals. Prisoners are being fed horrible high soy rations in many states, and the government could compensate the farmer nicely for his loss by buying the cheese and feeding it to the inmates. Why give it to pets when we have starving people, for gosh sakes?

    To use our tax dollars to destroy a business (that several families depend on for their livilhood) like this is appalling.

  30. Wow!

    What an exaggeration Joseph! You are completely absurd!

  31. Whatever “Billy Bob…I mean Bib!”

  32. If EM is right, heat may kill the bacteria, BUT the toxins that they leave behind are not neutralized by heat. This is the same issue that goes on with an industrial farm and this blog is being hysterical because this farm is being asked to comply with a health issue ? Hypocritical is a better word.

  33. After living in Japan, and consuming raw chicken, beef and fish in great numbers, and eating REAL cheese in europe, it saddens me to see Americans ran like they are a bunch of morons by a useless and bloated organization - the FDA.

    Let people eat what they want, let the FDA worry more about vetting drugs meant for human consumption, leave the food part out.

  34. rosemary lafollette says:

    RAW milk cheese is sold in the US in grocery stores with a quality cheese section. RAW milk is assimulated by the body because it recognizes this as real food. The body doesn’t recognize pasturied milk or know what to do with it. RAW milk helps you assimulate vitamin D and A and promotes good health in our gut, which is a wonderful organ that is mistreated by the sterile diet we often eat. All this fuss by people to take priobiotics isn’t necessary and lacks the complexity of the very abundant and natural probiotics of RAW milk. Cows grazed on grass are eating as they are meant to eat and the butterfat produced is one of the most nutritious foods on earth and is restorative. The calcium produced in RAW milk is in a form that the body can assimulate. Avoiding pasturized milk or worse yet taking in really manhandled products such as augmented skim milk or condensed milk or powder milk (which is often used to augment skim milk to make it taste creamy) either makes a bad situation even worse for your body or short changes you of a beneficial real food for your body. My mother kept a goat when we were kids and we all managed to have nice straight teeth and very few cavities. Real local food rocks and industrial food can make you sick and in need of a syndrome of over medication.

  35. Get the fuck out of my life and choke to death on cock big govt

  36. Alex Heizer says:

    This is an atrocity! No wonder the country is dying from cancer, diabetes, obesity and thousands of other diseases that could be cured by eating real food instead of all the mutated and chemically-created crap that is allowed to be called “food”.

    I weep for our country…

  37. David Wruble says:

    Bill Bibb has got to be one of the most brain dead people walking around!! He is worried about in his words some cheese causing abortions in women, which by the way I don’t believe to be true, when we have abortion clinics killing tens of thousands of babies - legally- every year! He should write articles against the abortion clinics and the big money/big businesses supporting them.

  38. IPingFreely says:

    Bill Bibb: The idea that pregnant women can’t take care of themselves is ludicrous. Pregnant woman need to have a little bit of vigilence and know what is and isn’t safe to eat. If they know enough to know what over the counter medicines they can’t take (most) then it is reasonable for them to know what they shouldn’t eat. If raw cheese is banned just to protect them then you also need to completely prohibit the following: packaged lunch meat, all shellfish, all raw meat, caffeine, all vegetables grown with animal manure, artificial sweeteners, and plenty of others. all sushi restaurants must be closed.

  39. abitcrunchy says:

    Bill Bibb is a paid shill. It’s not worth your time arguing with him.

    Don’t feed the trolls (shills) and they will go elsewhere.

  40. C Phillips says:

    Well, any milk product, by law, must be pasturized. This is not new. What do you expect if you violate the law. If we don’t like the law, we should work to change it. Even products shipped into our country from countries like Switzerland who do not pasturize their own products must pasturize them for sale in the US. There are other things that people disagree with, (open over the counter sales of antibiotics, for one, in Mexico), that our country has laws against that are in place to protect. Stop lights at intersections are a good example. I do not agree with every law and I am sure there are plenty of private interest groups that come into play who only care about themselves when it comes to passing laws. However, if you want the law changed you won’t get it done this way. Try voting, running for office yourself, contacting those who are in office, stop supporting those you disagree with. Stop voting for those who cater to special interest groups and stop thinking about you own selfish interests and voting for those who have them, and finally-for once vote for what you believe in instead of the best candidate for the position.

  41. Bought my “pound of cheese” yesterday. Just curious, how are we doing on this effort? Can we get a status update from time to time? Keep up the good fight!

  42. Yes raw milk cheese is sold in certain gourmet grocery stores but NOT in Whole Foods anymore, nor is any raw dairy sold in Whole Foods anymore due to the fact that Whole Foods did not want to be sued by people who get sick.

    The people saying “the big bad government’ - great. You’ll all deserve your DARWIN awards when you get them. The cheese had LISTERIA in it, but that is your right to go out and support this dairy.

    For me? No way, I’ll stick to Straus milk, which tastes exactly the same as raw and has all the benefits that raw does - but it’s lightly pasteurized. No diseases. Feel free to partake in your delusions that eating LISTERIA BACTERIA LADEN cheese is good for you.

    And btw, ty to Bill Bill for shedding a light on what happened to this cheese. And I also LOVE raw cheese but not when the cheese has LISTERIA in it.

  43. It’s time to start shooting,get lots of bullets.

  44. Richard Rajchel says:

    The FDA will approve drugs like Vioxx(20-50 thousand deaths attributed before recall) because they trust corporate sponsored clinical trials and testing, but here is a small time farm where they apparently were so thorough and accurate in their testing that we should believe them?

    Even if it were true and the tests were positive for this bacteria has anyone actually gotten sick from this dairy ever?

  45. walter kelliher says:

    I’m a diabetic. I’m going to eat what I need to eat, take medicine I need to take, eat what I lik that I can eat and if I want a drink, I’ll have that too and the FDA can go get screwed!

  46. The reason this is so egregious is that listeria is everywhere, and the employee who improperly cut the samples lives with a hospital worker and didn’t follow procedure when the samples were cut. So cross contamination is a serious possibility.

    The entire plant and tank room tested clear of listeria and staph, but the FDA has not given copies of those tests to the cheese plant. The Milk Board will not allow the company to do proper tests to clear the uncut 40# blocks of cheese in their refrigerator cooler which is their wealth….In all nations but the US and UK there is an acceptable level of listeria M in raw dairy. It is 100 cfu’s per gram.

    In America, any detection of a bacteria that doesn’t make anyone sick unless it is in extreme amounts is enough to destroy their livelihood.

    How scientific is that?

    Where is the due process? Where is the verifiable testing? How can the agencies use a faulty test to destroy someone’s business and livelihood and not have it backed up by an honest and legitimate test?

    No one has become ill after consuming Morningland cheese in 30 years. Is that arbitrary and unimportant information in the fact finding mission of these ‘science based’ regulatory agencies? When I was in college science courses in order to have valid results they had to be measurable and repeatable.

    Now we have capricious regulations with no basis in science that destroy people’s wealth because of unfounded germophobic rantings of bureaucrats who are invested in the consolidation of wealth and market as is the head of the FDA Plant and Dairy department. And we call it science! Ha! It took the FDA thirty years to admit that vitamin C helped fend off the common cold. They approve drugs that kill people by the thousands annually and allow GMO’s and nanoparticles to be put in your food without your knowledge or consent. Obviously they have a great record of “protecting” you and should be trusted to always do the right thing.

    How would you like to have your home, car, and ability to make a living taken away from you because a test was improperly conducted?

    Again, science in it’s real form is measurable and repeatable. Irradiating everything will not make you healthy.

  47. “At 4:50pm on Thursday, the Attorney General’s office called and canceled court because one or two of their witnesses couldn’t attend.”

    I find this statement very interesting… because in my experience as a witness, I was given a subpoena to show up in court on the given date. If I did not show up, I could be fined or arrested.

    Why is it the prosecutors witness “couldn’t attend”? They ought to subpoena their witness…then they will “attend”….

    The defendants could ask for a “Verified Complaint”. This document forces the prosecutor to document who the injured (or potential) parties are. We have to get the “facts” in writing…If indeed nobody was harmed, then they have no case in court. We need to stick to the facts and to the law.

    These actions tell me they do not have facts to support their case….they need more time to use fear to force this family to “settle” the matter…..

  48. I am a bit confused here. People buy yogurt machines. There are books on how to make your own cheese in the library, in bathtubes. People can their own food at home and make their own bread, even share yeasts for friendship breads and even share spores for different fungi for nutritional Asian type teas. Will the FDA propose to raid all of this like cooks for LSD in the dark of night? I could get botchulism from badly canned homemade goods, or Salmonella from anything. I can understand challenging the family in court, but to railroad them? Abuse of justice. If only we had gotten such a speedy and vehement response in the Gulf of Mexico. Will Organic Garderners and Foodies be the next generation of “Dealers?”

  49. Layne Nelson says:

    I drank raw milk every day as a kid in Wisconsin on our dairy farm. We made our own butter and Ice Cream too. If people are told they must keep eating sterile food how do we build up any tolerance to anything? Seems our Government is becoming lactose intolerant. s.510 Laws are already starting, Pretty soon we will have a mark on our head telling us whether or not we can buy or sell. CAN ANYONE SAY LESS GOVERNMENT IN OUR LIVES? THEY SHOULD STICK TO BUILDING INFRASTRUCTURE AND LET PEOPLE BUILD THEIR OWN LIVES AND MAKE THEIR OWN CHOICES!!!

  50. Bless you for keeping food the way the people like it and want it. I will happily sponsor a cheese… goin to sign up now, after seeing this on face book.
    Im outraged at the govt’, especially when their version of milk is more likely unfit for human consumption than yours will ever be. Keep on going… best of luck to you.

  51. First I have to ask how long farmers neighbors are going to put up with this? If they are going to tolerate seizure and bankruptcy with no one harmed over a bureaucratically established “law”, then it is not long before murder, re-education, and imprisonment will be added to the list. The kulaks can give blunt testimony to this from their graves. The useful idiots who are defending this when no one has gotten sick, time to test from store sampling was 55 days with no evidence of proper handling or testing other than a bureaucratic declaration, not to mention the store time. The Darwin awards referred by missy will be her own. Grocers are far more concerned about government regulatory pressure than “law suits”. There are caps and lobby money that are very effective in minimizing law suits. In RICO and Patriot Act USA there is only the recourse allowed by the bureaucracy attacking you. If “unpasteurized” milk and dairy is so unsafe, how did we survive to today? How are other countries with less health issues than us surviving? This is a control play by the elite with idiots who fear the might happen and think you can get 0 risk through bureaucrats as the patsies.

  52. This stinks to high heaven. The cheese at the farm was tested over 100 times since the government wanted to destroy it and nothing was found!

    If a sample in California showed something, that has nothing to do with the cheese in Missouri. The California sample could have been improperly stored, it could have been contaminated by those who seized it, it proves NOTHING about the safety of the cheese in Missouri.

    Most of the cheese in Europe, including all the famous traditional varieties, are raw cheeses. Nobody dies or gets sick from them.

    But any food can develop bad bacteria if it is improperly stored, or contaminated. If the cheese in Missouri, which tested safe over 100 times, with no contamination found, can be destroyed because of a sample in California, then all food should be destroyed by the government, because all food has the potential to be contaminated.

    The actions of the authorities are not just tyrannical, they are unreasonable and devoid of logic.

  53. Farmer's daughter says:

    I’m 50 yrs old. My father was born in 1916. He met & married mother in 1939. My father put 1.00 (yes, that’s ONE dollar) down payment on a dairy farm in Iowa with a handshake. They survived the depression. They farmed for 27 years, then sold the farm at the very top of the market - purchased an apartment complex and ran it themselves for 14 yrs - only because they were getting older and no longer had three kids home to help them farm.
    While growing up, my father often said, “It’s a real shame all the family farms are dying. Pretty soon big business and gov’t will run everything. It’s not how it should be. People need to have control over their own lives.”
    I also remember when the pastureizing process was made a law. My father was furious! He said it ruined the taste and benefits of the milk.
    My two sisters still live in Iowa and still own dairy farms (they married farmers). They’re in their 60′s now. They have to hire help. The mountains of paperwork and regulations they have to keep up with would drive an accountant insane. One of them is getting ready to sell out. They have an offer from a “big coorperation”. Their house along with other buildings would be torn down because the buyers only want the land. Over 150 yrs of family heritage would be gone. Sad. Very sad.

  54. Sounds like his cusotmers need to steal the cheese!

  55. So this is how it ends. The family farm finally brought to its knees by the State. Drought, Fire, insects, plague. Etc cannot stop a small farmer. But a stroke of a pen and the whim of a politician can. Can you see why we need to take back our country? This is not liberal conservative. Democrat or Republican. This is about people. Take a stand and take a chance
    and just say NO MORE!

  56. Ridiculousness says:

    Their credibility is nil, as is their trustworthiness. The FDA is nothing more than a front group imposing Codex Alimentarius, a convenient genocide. If they had any real interest in health they wouldn’t be fighting against supplements and whole foods, nor would they be seizing cheese from family farms based on evidence that is criminally compromised at best and intentionally fraudulent at worst. And yet by their every action do they reveal their worthlessness, and demonstrate how their funding being cut wouldn’t hurt anyone except maybe the pharmaceutical lobby who relies on them to shield them from the medicated death industry’s many negligent homicides.

  57. who cares says:

    the cheese was obviously contaminated by the fda. the fda should be shutdown for the lack of food safety. the fda board should also be given 20+ years in a federal prison for violating basic human rights and racketeering.

  58. Melodie Sproul says:

    Yet another way the NWO is attemtping to take over. I drank raw milk all the time as a child and I never got sick. Whoever thinks our government is concerned for our welfare is sorely lacking in moral judgement. Our government work for the global elite, and the global elite is attempting to control the world and decrease human populations. One way they are doing that is by forcing people to eat whatever food THEY approve, which includes foods containing pestisides, hormones and antibiotics, and processed to the point there is no nutritional value. People who are sick are more easily controled. America has been dumbed down to the point that we no longer question what our “govermnent” is doing. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! Get off of your couch, turn off the TV (including mainstream news which is nothing but disinformation), educate yourselves and work to STOP THESE CRIMINALS!!!

  59. Da FDA haz to protekt the big corprite farms that pay for them!

    Raw milk is bad ‘cuz it ain’t got no electrolytes. They’re what your body craves.

    Welcome to the Idiocracy!

  60. Melanie D. Gomez says:

    Controlling what we do and do not eat, I think they call that communism!

  61. jenna shaputis says:

    I’d buy 5 lbs now

  62. Pope hungerord says:

    Someone steal the cheese! That is a great idea! Mr. Farmer, go out for a long dinner and lock up the dogs. People of Missouri, go get it! Don’t let the government get it!

  63. this is about PUBLIC SAFETY .. not big brother. Forget California.. Missouri took 14 random samples ALL of which tested positive for Staph and 6 of 14 tested positive for Lysteria (both bacteria are potentially fatal)… they simply ordered a recall, cease and destroy on all product produced up to and including the test date. This is standard procedure. If Purdue fryers were found to have Botchulism or eColi and the FDA didn’t order a recall, cease and destroy on their poultry products, would you run to the store and buy a few Purdue fryers, taking the chance that the ones you purchase may not be contaminated… I highly doubt it!!

  64. @Stanley: btw, partner you need to read the docs:

    This has nothing to do with California. Missouri took their own samples - 14 of them all random … ALL of which were contaminated with staph bacteria. You can rebut all you want… but that’s sort of like the ground beef processing plant a few years ago which supplied several fast food restaraunts getting a positive eColi sample, and saying “No, our meat doesn’t have eColi.”

    I frankly don’t care how much it cost McD, Wendy’s or the processing plant.. I don’t want to take any chances. If the CDC tells the FDA it’s got eColi, then I’m taking the CDCs word for it. If you REALLY believe that corporations should have the right to sell and distribute potentially fatally diseased foods then you are voting to put MY family at risk. I really prefer NOT to play Russian Roulette at the grocery store.

  65. PatriotChaplain says:

    They mat be giving themslves the power and self approved/made staute (color of law) but who in the hell gave then the RIGHT! We are definately living in NAZI Germany folks! If people let this go on much longer it will be to late! Watch the Matrix, or Soylent green! These movies were made for a release of future beliefs! WAKE up SHEEPLE!

  66. Doug, I did read the docs.

    Did you read the rebuttal by Morningland Dairy (the link is in the article above) which demonstrates convincingly that the tests you refer to were extremely suspect, did not have the witness required by state law, and not done in accordance with standard procedures? And were done by a lab chosen by the state?

    The tests I referred to were done by the FDA, and are described in paragraph 7 of the rebuttal.

    One last point - Morningland Dairy has been selling this cheese for 30 years, and there has not been a single case of food illness blamed on their cheese. Not one.
    Now, if their cheese was contaminated with the dangerous bacteria claimed, don’t you think that at least one person would have gotten sick from it?

  67. This is totally insane…. FDA and Big Pharma are in business to make and keeep people sick…. I mean who would allow a POISON like aspertame to be introduced into our food suppy??????? You cant find any gum without it, not just sugarless….and children chew it everyday……Dont these people have a conscious???????

  68. Doug,

    I wanted to address a couple more of the points you raised..

    First, nobody in the real food movement wants deadly food products to be distributed, by big corporations or anybody else. In fact, every major food safety out break I am aware of was caused by industrial agriculture. I would love nothing better than to shut down the cafos and big industrial operations that distribute deadly food, but the government never does.

    But Morningland Dairy is different. If you have read all of their rebuttal as I have asked, you will see that there are real holes in the governments arguments, and there is a total discrepancy between the test results of the state and the FDA, which cannot be reconciled.

    The 14 tests you cite, that are relied on by the state, all found “contamination. ” All of these tests were done without the accuracy safeguards required by State law.

    The 100 tests done by the FDA all showed no contamination.

    Bear in mind that both sets of tests were done on THE SAME MILK.

    Please be aware that the FDA considers ALL raw dairy products to be unsafe.
    Yet all of the tests done by the FDA on the Missouri cheese came out clean.

    The other fact to consider is that contaminated raw cheese will make people sick. But nobody got sick from Morningland’s cheese.

    When I consider all these facts together, I believe Morningland, because the governments position is inconsistent with the facts.

    Doug, I see you as a good man who wants to protect his family and others. I respect your courage in posting your position on what must seem like a hostile forum, because you want to stand up for what you believe. But, with all respect, I think you have been misled here.

  69. I did read the rebuttal.

    The tests that found contamination were sampled by Morningland from their pre-sale inventory and couriered to an independent lab by Morningland employees and family members.

    100% under their control. 100%. Beginning to end.

    The tests that found no contamination were swabs from the dairy - NOT tests on the milk. Weeks had passed since milk had been in the dairy and all equipment should have been sanitized. Listeria can come from multiple sources and the problem could have been in one pipe.

    The dairy’s position on the integrity of the samples is not logical. If the owners truly believe that listeria was introduced during the sampling process by their own employees, isn’t it just a little scary that they employed people who would mess up so seriously when their entire business was riding on these tests? Are those people still employed, or would they be the ones doing the proposed self-testing?

    Re-test with a tightly controlled process and come up clean or follow the destroy order. It really is that simple.

  70. Em, I have a very different understanding of the rebuttal than you.

    First, nowhere in the rebuttal do they accuse their own employees of contaminating the cheese with Listeria.

    Second, the testing was done by an unnamed employee of the lab, which is not 100% under their control.

    Third, the lab used was chosen by the very state official who was demanding that they destroy all their cheese - which raises an issue as to its independence.

    Fourth, the rebuttal states that the samples were delivered by family members who were not employees of the cheese makers.

    That being said, your proposal that proper testing be done in accordance with state law is reasonable, and it should be done. Bear in mind that the state was insisting that the cheese be destroyed without further testing, which is why the dairy had to arrange the test themselves, using the lab chosen by the state.

  71. Active Alex Hunter says:

    Because the ruling group’s “divide & conquer” strategy (a component of the infamous Communist Manifesto) is working as designed It is only after we have been personally destroyed by government - judiciary perpetrated and sanctioned corruption/conspiracy that the indifference threshold is breached.
    We should have paid attention to the previous generation’s warnings about giving the state, military - industrial complex and the completely controlled media unwarranted and unrestricted power.
    We have now been infiltrated by the enemy at the highest levels of all significant industry, administration, military, law enforcement and alphabet agencies. Our laws, systems of checks and balances, regulatory and administrative agencies for air, food, water and medicine have all been weaponised, as has their language and those most fundamental (to life) nessessities.
    It is going to be one ugly son of a bitch, but if we don’t defend ourselves now the most evil, twisted, inbred, psychopathic and ruthless parasites on Earth will be our only human legacy. If you think this is bad/unjust just wait til they really get going…
    They are millions; we are BILLIONS: Unite and Conquer.
    Active Alex Hunter
    British Columbia, Canada
    jokertattooo (YouTube)

  72. Judy Arbic says:

    This is awful. Raw milk is so much more healthy then pasturized. Especially because of all of the hormones, etc. that they process in our milk and cheese today. I am allergic to processed chess because I am allergic to preservatives(which are a poison). I swell and get flushed and dizzy when I eat processed anything,especially the chesse that is.
    The FDA needs to get rid of the poisonous foods(twinkees,foods with preservatives etc.), and leave the raw healthy foods alone. I beleive that it is a vicious circle, they give us the unhealthy foods, then we get sick, need medications, hospitalization, etc. All big business and Greed. The Gov. needs to start caring about the people in this country , and not putting conveinence, and money ahead of everything else… We must fight the FDA.. Thanks for this post, unbeleivable…

  73. Judy Arbic says:

    I just wanted to add after re-reading some of these posts,that I live in Md. and that raw milk is not legal to sell in Md. Pa. is one of the states that does allow the purchase of raw milk..sounds like to me that the state of Pa. is trying to change their law, or just put the natural dairy and cheese farmers out of business!!!…Maybe it is not the FDA behind it, but the State who did the tests that showed contamination….?????

  74. Ms. Hartke, reputable food companies voluntarily recall and destroy contaminated food instead of waiting for someone to get sick. The tight parameters for recall and the high costs many companies eat would astonish you if you think a $250K recall of Listeria-contaminated cheese is extreme. Those companies employ people, too. And if you read my response all the way through, you saw the suggestion for resale to be heat-treated as pet food.

    Why on earth would *anyone* defend a dairy that states that the single most important sampling procedure of its history was conducted, unsupervised, by someone whose procedures were so poor that all 14 samples were contaminated by bacteria transferred from the hospital where that person’s partner works?

    That’s absurd on its face.

    My expectations for raw milk producers are really simple: do the right (safe) thing, and tell the truth. If a dairy is not completely honest, especially about any negative information, how can I support that? How can I trust that? I give this stuff to my child. I need to know that a producer will never lie, misdirect, or obfuscate. Period. As it stands, Morningland does not deserve my trust or support, nor that of anyone who cares about raw milk safety. The only support I can offer this dairy, the only support anyone should be offering this dairy, is for a re-test plan using a predetermined, failsafe method under mutually agreed supervision.

    I am deeply disturbed by the continuing pattern of raw milk advocates so determined to protect dairies from the big bad government wolf that no attention is given to any possible safety issues. Raw milk advocates should not and will not ever be credible until they are approaching safety issues rationally and with the highest level of concern for the ultimate consumer.

  75. Judy Arbic says:

    Someone mentioned Perdue chickens?? Well gues what? Frank Perdue claims right on public tv that his chickens are 100% natural!!! Bullshit..EXCUSE my language…I am allergic to any preservatives like sodium benzonate, etc…and I absolutely cannot eat one of their “So Called” Natural chickens!!!! The first time I bought one, I swelled up terrible, felt dizzy and flushed…The FDA or someone high up there should investigate the Perdue chickens for un-natural ingredients, hormones etc. I don’t beleive that those oven roasters get that hugh on natual food!! Come on people, it just takes common sense, and we are all being brain washed by the food industry…

  76. CatholicTexas says:

    First of all, raw milk is NOT illegal, but there are a couple of states who are trying to outlaw it, and a few staes who in their mis-guided “wisdom” have outlawed it. Missouri and Wisconsin have powerful dairy lobbies who feel threatened, because frankly milk produced by factory farms, MUST be pastuerized due to the confinenment and the improper feed of the cows which produce bacteria laden milk. (The best way to eliminate ecoli from a herd is to allow them to graze for two weeks on a natural diet of grass.). This is not true of farms who raise milk to be consumed raw.

    Secondly, they (the FDA) will not permit testing of the indivual batches of cheese to determine which if any are contaminated. I have never heard of throwing out 10 months of production of ANY product due to one sample. Batches are numbered for a reason. If the government would merely provided the batch numbers of the so-called contaminated product the farm would certainly comply with a limited recall. But to throw out ALL past and future product, even if there were limited samples of contamination is beyond the pale and smacks of persecution, not enforcement. Furthermore, they simply need to test the new product, and then release it for sale.

    It is obvious that the goal is to shut down food independence. I buy raw milk every other week from a raw milk grade A dairy. I would volunteer to “destroy” all of the hard cheese that I could carry from this dairy, if allowed to do so.

  77. Sounds to me like a solution in search of a problem.

  78. The cheese was sampled at their cheese processing place in Missouri by the dairy themselves. The samples were sent to a Missouri lab, by the dairy themselves. The cheese in their current inventory was positive for contamination. They had not previously tested their cheese for food safety contamination. In short, it is highly likely they have been making, selling, and distributing contaminated cheese for years. Their claim to have never made anyone sick is absolutely not proveable. Listeria or Staph would likely (in normal otherwise healthy people) appear as a 24-48 hour flu or stomach bug. You know, those common tummy aches we just brush off as a “stomach bug”?

  79. common sense says:

    I’ll wager it would be legal to market & sell it for pet food. Pet mice would likely be safe to consume it. What an individual does with it when they get it home is there own business!!!

  80. Ironically Sad says:

    Funny how California is quick to kill cheese plants in Missouri but say nothing about making Sushi illegal? (And before anyone sends hate mail, I do eat & enjoy Sushi from time to time.)

  81. Kimberly Hartke says:

    Over 28,000 people have read this blog since it was posted on Monday. If each of them gave $10.00 to sponsor a cheese, the farm would receive full compensation for their labors!

    Please sponsor some cheese!

    Regardless of what happens, you will have made a big statement and helped this farm make it through this.

  82. So…. If neighbours happen to show up and ‘take’ the cheese, and maybe then give a ‘donation’ for the cheese, that would be destroying it as it would be just ‘giving’ it away, unless the ruling says it can’t be given away.

    Imagine a world so powerful where the Government is ruled by ex-employees of large corporations corrupting everything for the sake of total control and profit, you know, like now with the FDA and Monsanto. You can thank the Republicans for this, they are the ones at the top of the FDA, now, all budding for the positions in Monsanto earning big $$ when they retire.

  83. As Kimberley says, 28,000 visitors, if we all gave $10 they can take on big corporate Monsanto with a serious fight.

    Paypal to [email protected]

    I just gave $20.

    It seems Monsanto want their property, lets not let them take it. Big corporate bullies can be taken on by the people if the people stand up to them and be as one!

  84. I don’t see what the big deal is. Seems to me that a dairy selling raw milk and milk products should simply be required to be tested frequently (Perhaps simultaneously by one lab chosen by the government and one lab chosen by the dairy), then be left alone to sell their products to those who understand that buying raw milk carries some risk. Doug and Em, if you want to be sure it’s safe, don’t buy raw; it’s as simple as that.

  85. Carl Hames says:

    Ms. Hannes:

    Please investigate the Morningside Dairy press release that’s shown below. It was found by a Kroger food buyer after reading your story. What gives? Are we being scammed by this dairy? Is this just an anti-government scare story? If so, please spare us. There are enough TRUE government scare stories out there already, more don’t need to be fabricated.

    Company Contact:
    Tel: 417-469-3817, Friday 8 a.m.-4 p.m
    Fax: 417-469-5086
    [email protected]

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - August 30, 2010 - Morningland Dairy of Mountain View, Missouri, is recalling 68,957 pounds of cheese because it may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes and also has the potential to be contaminated with Staphylococcus aureus.

    Morningland Dairy’s raw milk cheese is sold in the lower 48 states via mail order, retail stores, crop sharing associations, and direct delivery. The cheese is packaged in vacuum-sealed plastic packages that are sold as random weight size retail packages.

  86. jana wain says: know your opponent and what his interests really are… Join with David Icke, Alex Jones and there are more links on each site for you to join up with - this is natural vs toxic food. Humanity needs to sort this out!

  87. Did you hear about the pig farmer up and near by Vancouver B C Canada ?
    Pinkton a Pig Farmer dismembered the prostitute and fead them to the Pigs
    He screwed up ! he should have used the traitors in North America for food , after all our costituents are closely related to the political criminalsor pigs . In fact it would serve two purpose ! one would make bill gates happy with the population reduction and two they would have plenty of food . go to this link and listen.

  88. If America had kept the God of Abraham, the God of the True Faith, Jesus the Christ the center of the school system, the government, and the affairs of the entertainment industry - never allowed abortion as a writen law of man, kept the closet door closed? just for a foundation of thought.

    Isa 55:8 “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” declares the LORD.

    How this country would stand apart from the rest of the cultures of the world.

    You reep what you’ve sowed - the way’s of man are a burden!

  89. Here in WA (west Australia) 2 weeks ago an American couple were forced off the land with their thousand cattle station by Beuracracts ,banks,government agencies and such in Narrogin area of WA. Many tried to help them (The Thomsons )stay here but powers that be won they have gone sad to say. We prayed and gave money but agencies won.So Communism is raising its ugly head all over the world.
    Australia is not innocent . As for the raw milk trade it was banned here long time ago it is healthier than homogenized,pasteurised milk but a lot of money is made from forcing dairies to not sell raw milk you need you own personal cow to get healthy milk.
    Money,money ,money in a rich man’s world.

  90. I think we should all get together. Lets have the cheese “disappear” and we can all pay the farm $25 each to cover their “loss”. Then lets sue the government. I think we should fire every one of them and start from scratch. Hire farmers and miners to run our country. We know what’s best for us. The problem is getting everyone on the same page. They have us so tied down with trying to make a living that they are stealing our lives right out from under our noses. I’m all for taking our country back.

  91. Hames, Em, etc….

    The FDA issued a recall on Monday morning at 12:01 am stating that Morningland was voluntarily recalling ALL of their cheese. It went everywhere, and then Morningland was left with no choice prior to having the faulty tests from their employee returned.

    There is no scam going on here at all. Morningland had their facility swabbed very thoroughly by the FDA and it came up clean. The Milk Board had ‘embargoed’ all their cheese stock on their property. They could not remove ANY of it. Even for testing. The FDA and the Milk Board have no definite protocol for potential issues in the food supply; evidently especially with small, non industrial producers. They closed this entire business on allegations from California Dept of Food and Ag with out proper chain of custody or records of levels, and used bad tests done against statute and without anything approaching proper procedure to condemn the business to death…

    Morningland is MOST interested in putting out a healthful product that provides people with actual nutrition and an alternative to the chemical and homogenized pasteurized standard food supply. They want to provide clean healthful food, and have co-operated entirely with the investigation. They simply didn’t roll over to being required to commit hari kari on false
    “science based” suspicion or ‘suspect’ fears.

    Real science, and straight forward protocols designed to actually address problems instead of destroy small producers and limit consumer access to healthful food are what is necessary.

    I witnessed TWICE the offer of Morningland to not offer ANY of it’s cut and packaged cheese for sale for human consumption, and to test each batch of the uncut cheese prior to offering it for sale. The first time, they were told that the “offer would be considered by the board” which would consist of the FDA, the Milk Board, and two other state agencies. The second time they were told flat out that if they wanted to test it they could do so for investigative purposes only, and that even if all tests of the uncut cheese came up perfectly clean they would still need to destroy it all. And they couldn’t even sell it for pet food in a high heat treatment pet food facility.

    Just as an fyi, for everyone, when one is writing a story for a blog, it is necessarily not going to be epic in length and detail. I linked the documents for everyone, and also a more in depth story I wrote about this. If you read them all, most of your questions will be answered.

    The Dixons are real people with their entire livelihood on the line because of overreaction on the part of agencies. The FDA doesn’t shut down Kraft for 6 or 8 weeks if they have a problem, or an allegation of a problem. Why should one company be destroyed and another allowed to continue if the system is just and truthfully interested in health and well being? (BTW, Kraft is using nano particles, but hey, there isn’t enough science to say ingesting nanoparticles is dangerous, so they get to do it anyway.)

    I will be writing more about this and lots of it will be detailed, but I am also just a person who doesn’t get paid to do any of this, so I don’t have all the time in the world. I’m really just one of those people who wants to be left alone who keeps running into the other type of people who won’t leave us alone. I also think that you are smart enough to decide what you want to eat….and so am I….:)

    To all of those who have donated to the family to help them through this, I want to say thank you, and Bless You!

  92. Christa McTall says:

    I always tell people if the FDA tells you to avoid smething, you had better get it. If they tell you somehting is good for you avoid it never even touch it it will be poison. They have no right to tell people what they can eat or take and what they can’t. No one has the right to do that. Keep fighting. If I had known about your company I would have been one of your customers. Funny for centuries we have consumed raw products and never had any problems. I will not cosume milk from any store and I buy only imported cheeses.

  93. I tend to avoid dairy. I don’t particularly like cheese and don’t believe animal proteins are easily digestible. I lean toward a raw vegan diet. One primary driver behind this decision is the current state of US agriculture.

    We didn’t get here by accident. The dairy lobby was a big part of what drove us here. Farms like Morningland threaten that monolith. If they’ve got a quarter million in inventory, they’re not a tiny operation. But they’re obviously better than average and probably growing as a result. How dare they not use BGHT?

  94. Sorry, I had Childus interuptus on this sentence…
    Real science, and straight forward protocols designed to actually address problems instead of destroy small producers and limit consumer access to healthful food are what is necessary. ….eek!

    Allow me to make it say what I wanted it to say, please:

    Real science, and straight forward protocols designed to actually address problems are what we need. Instead we have methods that destroy small producers and limit consumer’s access to healthful food.

    Thanks for your kindness!

  95. Dr. Kelly says:

    I heard it with my own ears and saw in the CA state capital WHERE MAD COW bov. spongioform encephalopathy from Phosmet insecticide tainted tested meat FOUND ITS WAY INTO THE LAUSD school lunch program. Only because of a righteous employeee who could no longer turn a blind eye to the concentration camp like HELL of COFA farming obtained some good video footage. Thank the Creator for people like this and may they be reinforced, supported and protected as they go. I have developed a severe case of Truthettes here in 2010 and I hope it’s a shared pandemic.

  96. Allen crumb says:

    I`m a disabled Vet. It sickens me to think that my efforts were to protect our government and what each and everyone of them has become. The only true America anymore is the America in my heart, and you lowlife politicians can`t ever change that.I`ll eat what I want,I`ll pray how and wherever I want, and I`ll fly the real American flag, (you know, the one you politicians pretend to respect),wherever I want, and if thats just to much for anyone to take, if that offends anyone, …. putting it mildly …TOO BAD !!!! Remember, I went to protect your ass`s so I certainly don`t need you to protect mine. I can`t believe you idiots would try to destroy hard working true American people that have never hurt anyone in all their years of farming over something as stupid as CHEESE !!! Hey what next? Maybe we should start importing it from China along with the children`s toys.

  97. Regina Frazier says:

    What the government is doing—is INSANE! They want to take away our health too!

  98. Pego Rice says:

    I am amazed, if your lawyer actually intend to dispute on this basis? My being able to stick anything I want in my mouth does not translate to you being able to sell unregulated foods. I durn sure want Monsanto better regulated. The laws, both code and case that have built up around protecting public health from irresponsible producers. If your lawyer is feeding you THAT line then he’s just in it for money and fame. He knows he will not win. He’s just getting you to pay for his fame. To overturn that basic principal of consumer protection overturns ALL consumer protections. In this time of malfeasance, when the public has faced repeated food born poisonings. NO higher judge will do that.

    Now if you are fighting on the basis that this food is tested and is as scientifically safe as any regulated, tested food. I am sure you will win

  99. This is an outrage! The business is clearly legit. It proves the FDA wrong.

  100. All of you do not know what the Bible says about this, and most are not going to believe it as I tell you. Your and my country is in the process of being conquered from the inside, and the few who live will be forced into…..communism. The Creator tested Adam and Eve to show them that they would choose the way of deciding for themselves what is right and what is wrong. So all mankind has been sentenced to live outside the garden, seeing the results of living outside the perfect council of the perfect Creator. The Creator is not protecting this nation because this nation is not obeying His Commandments. It really is that simple. One big example is: The Creator says the seventh day is the Sabbath He commands, but man says, just as did Adam and Eve, that they will decide what day they will keep. Gen. 2:3, Lev. 23:3. The Creator…and this has everything to do with the farm, and our countrys’ prediciment….says IN VAIN do they worship me, teaching (and accepting) the TRADITIONS OF MAN in place of the COMMANDMENTS of Yahweh. So the religious leaders convince the followers of a man that the Holy Bible doesn’t SAY what it simply SAYS. Study into who changed the day from the seventh to the first.
    Yahweh says “ANY body who comes to Me - I will in no way turn away!” But He also says the Great Commandment is to Love Him more than anything. And He says “He who says he loves me and keeps not My commandments is a liar.
    He says He stands at the door and knocks……

  101. You say true Jim.

  102. blogintime says:

    Next thing ya know… You’ll be fined in your own backyard for growing a few tomatoes, or a few rows of corn.

  103. Boot the liars says:

    Jeff, I beg to differ with you about Monsanto.
    And while there are Republican co-sponsors of S 510, its counterpart in the house — HR 875, is strictly sponsored and co-sponsored by Democrats. Folks, it’s time you start keeping tabs on what your government is doing. Don’t like raw milk? DON’T DRINK IT. No one is telling you that you have to purchase it, nor should you be dictating whether or not someone else chooses to.

  104. kathy Shetley says:

    This Type of information about our government must be exposed to the people of the United States. My prayer is that families remain strong and know that the Lord is on their side and he will supply their needs. Oh! and by the way the Lord thy God Will fight this battle. Stay in prayer. God Bless you all.

  105. THIS COMMENT ABOVE …BY “Boot the liars”, IS AN EXAMPLE OF THE PROBLEM. Referring to the government, via there designed con job , the right left paradigm, keeps the truth from being presented clearly, keeps the public pointing fingers at each other,[and thus not the real problem], and perpetuates the scam.

    __The Republican/Democrat Scam is a Con, and the American People Are the Mark.

    The “Enemy” is not The “Democrats”

    The “Enemy” is not The “Republicans”

    __________THE ENEMY IS THE FEDERAL RESERVE_____________

    _________________THE ENEMY IS IGNORANCE._____________

    ______________THE ENEMY IS APATHY_____________

    __________________THE ENEMY IS SLOTHFULLNESS,

    _____________ WHEN YOU WON’T USE THE

    __________ SEARCH BAR AND READ.__________________


    __________THE ENEMY IS THE FEDERAL RESERVE_____________

    ________________BUILDING 7, GET YOUR GLARING CLUE._________

    ___________SEE ……….”ZERO Investigation”__________________

    try to wake up, at least try, damn.

  106. Jacki-with-an-eye says:

    ((Crying my heart out at this))) This is exactly the same as the “Mad Cow” bullshit-scam, the “Avian Flu” bullshit scam, the “Swine Flu” bullshit scam… NONE of those animals should have been slaughtered - IT WAS ALL LIES! The gov’t is simply trying to create a shortage of food to get us fighting for the scraps, thus fighting with each other. It is our DUTY to ASK, to DOUBT, and to GET PROOF - Overgrow the gov’t ! WE HAVE TO TAKE BACK THE POWER TO SAY “NO”!!!

  107. Jeff Meyer says:

    …It is time we take back our freedoms, the government has gotten way to much power over our lives… this is NOT the reason our founding fathers fought and died for. in fact it is what they fought against, time we took back what was taken… I will eat what I WANT,WHEN I WANT, let them come and try to stop me. they will be met with DEADLY FORCE…….
    …………………………………………..A FARMER…………………

  108. I would like to tell them to shove it up their collective asses. I will eat what I want, and will drink what I want. I can read labels and am educated. I DO NOT NEED ANYONE from the federal government telling me what TO eat, not what NOT to eat!

  109. PHILIP G.SIMMONS says:

    TRUTHTIME,temperance is a hard earned vesture of character to earn and aquire.When people do not have the same depth of knowledge as you,you must articulate,you must!And that,FIRST BEFORE YOU SLAM THEM.I have exposed myself to many opposing polarities of ideologies and every time TEMPERANCE saved me from slaming.Everytime,I was very tempted to attack PEOPLE who still held my prior ideological veiw or level and depth of knowledge to something.I still have to carefully disearn the target from the targeted in order to remain sane and not PRE-MATURELY nail others to a cross.Only when as a last resort can we play DEFENSE.Your POST is too violent at some one trying to cope and understand.And most of us are not perfect yet in TEMPERANCE but we must never abandon this self honing of self because there will always be some one in our old shoes who should not be abandoed as we have some one else’s “old shoes”AS IT IS A HUMAN RITE OF PASSAGE TO UPGRADE OUR KNOWLEDGE BANK ,LESS ANY HOSTILITY so to speak,ok?

  110. Kimberly Hartke says:

    The Uncheese Party is now at a new web location, they moved it to a word press blog, the other site was too difficult to update. I have changed the link in the original article, here is the new URL:

    The former site was getting upwards of 2000 visitors a day, just think if they all donated $25.00, how much that would help this farm through this tough time!

  111. Kimberly Hartke says:

    Yesterday I posted this update to the story:

    UPDATE from Kimberly 10/20/2010: The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund is now representing the Dixon family. The Uncheese Party has raised over $9000! The family is so heartened by all the support. Yesterday, the farmer had 35 letters and checks come in the mail! At the suggestion of one of the donors, we have teamed up with and set a goal of raising the rest of the $250,000 that will fully compensate the Morningland team for their labors, and help defray legal expenses. Regardless of the fate of their cheese, here is a tangible way we can show our support. Here is a new facebook fan page for The Uncheese Party.

    And, I just posted a second Update to the bottom of this story! Here it is:

    10/21/2010-The total funds raised is now over $11,000! And, here is the official action alert put out by the Weston A. Price Foundation. Activists, get engaged! If everyone that read this story (49,000+) had given just $5.00, our fundraising total would be over $246,000!

  112. allenwrench says:

    Who would ever have thought finding real, honest food would be so tough nowadays. I have to drive 125 miles to buy raw milk and grass fed beef. If I don’t get lost, I can make the round trip in just under 3 hours.

    As far as costs?

    Raw milk $9.60 a gal. Grass fed beef for stew cheapest cut $8 a pound. Tack on the $24 gas for the car.

    Now, I don’t eat or drink much of it cause of the cost and distance. (mostly distance issue) But our food chain keeps decomposing like hell and it is getting harder to feed oneself these days if one is looking for basic untreated natural foods. Here is a rundown on grass fed beef for those that may not know.

    The beef and poultry are force fed unnatural diets high on genetically modified corn. (proudly advertised as an ‘all-vegetarian diet’ on the packaging.) The all grain diet, coupled with growth hormones make the cattle outgrow grass fed cattle more than two to one.

    The animals are packed like sushi into confined animal feeding operations and wade though oceans of their own manure. This close quarter confinement and loss of roaming ability also makes the cattle put on weight much faster than grass fed cattle.

    The unnatural diet raises hell with their digestion and they have to be given loads of antibiotics to not die. Their digestive tracts culture drug resistant e.coli thanks to the antibiotics and it gets into / onto the meat when they are slaughtered.

    As a bonus, a lot the good omega 3 fatty acids have been taken out of grain fed cattle’s meat as well as cows milk, cheese, yogurt, butter etc, since they are not fed their natural diet of grass.

    Pick up a half gal of organic milk that advertises omega 3. It most likely will be fortified with algae oil. What is left in grain fed meat is an imbalance of too much omega 6 fat that fuels our heart disease problems in the US and not enough omega 3.

    The grain fed meat has to be radiated to kill the e.coli but the manure is still high in e.coli and gets into our other food products such as vegetables / spinach / almonds / apple juice etc. These have to be radiated / pasteurized / steam heated / chlorine bathed to try and kill the e.coli as well.

    But the antibiotics still make their way into our diet through eating the grain fed meat, drinking the milk, eating the cheese, yogurt, butter. As well as our water supply from people taking the antibiotics as medicine and eating the tainted meat. As humans excrete waste it gets into the water and we drink or bath in it and absorb it up…what a mess!

    Here is a good vid on the water issue…get it from your library.

    Here is a source on food podcasts to keep up with what is killing us off.

  113. Sunny Bak says:

    The real crime is that we have to eat what they call “food” from boxes and packages that is dead and bad for us. THAT should be illegal. Then are offered “medicine and cures” that are worse for us.

    Show me all the people who got cancer from raw cheese, raw almonds and raw milk. Now look to see how many people who drink Diet Coke, eat fast food, and processed food are doing health wise,

  114. After reading this post I immediately sent an email to Governor Jay Nixon and the State of Missouri Milk Board. Thanks for all of the great information; this is completely outrageous and we will not stand for it.

  115. Wholly Cow Pastures says:

    Here’s the link to the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund Action Alert:

    Keep in mind PHILIP G.SIMMONS post when writing, emailing, or calling

  116. Donna Colantuno says:

    This is an attempt by our Government to decide for us and it is outrageous! Government wants complete control over the food supply in this country and wants the farmers OUT, of business that is! They obviously have many resources and power but “we the people” have “them” out numbered. We must stand together and help these farmers!!! Sometimes I wonder if our own Government wants to spread diseases and eliminate people to decrease our numbers which IS our strength !

  117. Leah McIntosh says:

    This case is frighteningly similar to the one outlined in the book “Mad Sheep” by Linda Faillace about her experience in the late 1990′s when all the perfectly healthy sheep at her farm in Vermont were killed after faulty testing by the USDA indicated the possible exposure of the sheep to mad cow disease (although mad cow cannot be transmitted between cows and sheep).

    I see in both cases the invisible hand of Big Ag, working to eliminate the small producers who stand in the way of complete control of the market, by instilling fear in the minds of the consumer that raw milk and other small-farm products are unsafe and convincing us that the only safe foods come from their giant warehouses.

    The issue here is not government in itself; it is government that has been infiltrated by the likes of Tom Vilsack and so many others who have come from Monsanto, Mars Inc., etc., appointed by both Republican and Democratic administrations. We do need agencies like the FDA and USDA to protect consumers from unscrupulous mega-companies that flood the market with salmonella-contaminated eggs in the millions, but those agencies need to be reminded that the consumer, not the lobbyist or corporate CEO, is their master.

  118. What exactly are donations being utilized for?
    If one donates funds into such an entity what does this truly solve?

    Food freedom is a reality, but we must understand our relationship with these external third-party, corporate and/or so-called governmental structures in order to secure such freedom. The more we continue to “defend” or “fight” the more futile will be our efforts. Defenders and fighters are not the successors of the game. Those who are successful develop understanding.

    A quick investigation revealed that Morningland Dairy is indeed a permitted facility. This automatically places them under the jurisdiction of any statutes or by-laws that would apply to any such permitted or licensed entity.

    Please read Morningland Dairy’s labels carefully at:

    You will see that it reads, “State Inspected Plant #29-428″

    and also, “Cow milk cheese is also produced in our state inspected plant #29-428″

    This automatically places them under the jurisdiction of these agencies and therefore any such rules of said agencies now apply to them. Morningland Dairy voluntarily contracted with these third parties. If they instead opted to work on a private basis such rules would not apply. Lack of education in this regard usurps the power of many farmers and producers countrywide. Because of the perceived fear or assumed consequences, farmers will most often apply for permits or licenses without question.

    In legal terminology, “applying” for a “permit” translates into “begging for permission”.

    Understanding and fearlessness walk hand-in-hand.


  119. Cecilia Long says:

    A couple people inferred that raw products affect THEIR safety. No it doesn’t. you have the option NOT to purchase or consume raw [products.

    All we want is the option TO purchase raw if we so choose. We know the “risks” and if we choose to do so the govt. or you should not tell us we cant.

    People around the world consume raw milk products every day with very few issues.

    Pasteurized milk has WAY more issues then raw. Do some learning…

  120. Millions of people have died from drugs approved by the FDA as safe. Not even the FDA can find anyone who died from raw cheese. So the FDA continues to allow the sale of killer drugs while going after Morningland dairy?

  121. Jorgeenespaña says:

    Speak out people of truth! Shame on the people who are depriving these people from their livlihood. Their actions are shameful and should be addressed as such. It is clear that the actions taken here serve no one except big agro and the people who receive political support from them. Shame on those who steal and plan forms of monopolies. Shame on those who use force to control what people choose to eat. Shame on those who use the excuse “I was just following orders”.You people know who you are you. You can change your evil ways.

  122. One word for this - Ridiculous”

  123. Notice Bill Bibb — gov’t employee — never posts anymore BS. Guess he didn’t figure that anyone would notice that he’s been brainwashed.

  124. josh bettar says:

    the milk board?! ha that is hilarious! who the fuck does the ‘Milk Board’ think they are? Fuck the milk board, I’ll do what I want! The milk board don’t have no fuckin jurisdiction for their farm. Just tell the Milk Board to go to hell!

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