Apologists for Pink Slime Just Don’t Get It Says Cookbook Author


The meat industry, bought into fat phobia. Disrespect for the vital role of animal fats in the diet led to disgusting pink slime additive.

Cheeseslave Blogger Offers Sustainable Meat and Fish Cooking Class


Ann Marie Michaels of Cheeseslave blog talks with Kimberly Hartke about her new cooking e-course, Surf and Turf.

Grass Farmer Nominated for Hero of Sustainable Agriculture Award

Stanley Fishman writes on his blog today about the soil renewal one farmer is becoming famous for, John Wood, is his name. Vote for John for sustainable hero on my blog today.

Rack of Lamb Recipe

Rack of Lamb

You haven’t tasted lamb unless you’ve tasted fresh and local lamb! What used to be a special dinner out is now a staple in our family diet, thanks to our local sheep farmers!

Fat on Grassfed Meat is Healthy, Claims Cookbook Author


Tender Grassfed Meat author, Stanley Fishman describes the health and culinary benefits of cooking with full-fat meats, especially those from grassfed animals.

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