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Raw Milk ‘Drink-in’ to Be Staged on Boston Commons


A Boston Milk Party is being staged on Monday, after ag officials launched an assault on raw milk buying clubs. Activists are convinced the battle is not over.

Raw Milk Activist Achieves Important Court Victory

Max-Kane-Scott-Trautman-Mark McAfee

Max Kane won in court today, and now his case on raw milk heads to an appeals court. The outcome of his case will impact your right to purchase the food of your choice without government interference.

Milk Man Faces Jail for His Non-Cooperation with State Regulators


Max Kane is being hauled into court again. In spite of his pending appeal, over zealous regulators want to break his spirit by putting him behind bars. All they will do is make him a cause célèbre!

Max Kane is Standing for Your Constitutional Liberties

Max Kane will be attending the upcoming raw milk symposium. along with others interested in preserving our freedom to access the food of our choice, and the farmer’s freedom to provide it to us. This is a video taken last year, when the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture tried to depose Max. Tweet

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