Guest Contributor, Andrea Milstein

Guest Contributor, Andrea Milstein

Last week, HartkeisOnline! Contributor Andrea Milstein told us about the special properties of an ancient grain, Spelt. Here is the recipe she promised for her Spelt Pancakes and Waffle batter!

Andrea Milstein’s Waffles and Pancakes from Spelt

Strawberry waffles
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This recipe is definitely as easy as using a pancake mix but a lot more satisfying. Freshly ground spelt is far superior to white flour since it also contains the germ and bran, two indispensable elements to healthy eating. Just as important, spelt is very easy to digest, tastes great with a faintly nutty flavor. Thanks to the insoluble fiber in the bran, the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose takes place at a much slower and gradual rate than if made from white flour, an important aspect for diabetics.

3 c    spelt flour, preferably freshly ground (approx.1 ½  c grains)
½     tsp    salt
1 ts    baking powder
3    eggs
1 c    milk, approx.
orange zest or mashed banana (optional)

In a medium sized mixing bowl combine spelt flour, salt, and baking powder. Stir to combine. Add eggs and milk and mix with hand mixer or wire whisk. Add orange zest or banana or both if you like.

Heat waffle maker or griddle and use ladle to distribute batter evenly. Bake until golden brown.

This should give you 4-6 waffles and about 10 pancakes, depending on their size, of course.

Andrea Milstein is a wife, mother, homemaker and cooking instructor in Oakton, Virginia. She is an active member of the Weston A. Price Foundation and the Northern Virginia Whole Foods Meetup group.  Andrea has agreed to be a regular contributor to Hartke Is Online! Please let us know in the comments if you try one of her delicious recipes!

Visit Andrea’s Cooking with an Accent website for information about Northern Virginia cooking classes and ordering local organic spelt flour.

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