Revolution: Food Movie Celebrates Local Food Heroes

Hey Foodies, make it a point to see this powerful food documentary film! Composer Francesco De Chirico composed an original score.

“Sneak Peak”– this is not a misspelling in our title, yes you are getting a peek at a great film, but it also promises to be a ‘peak’ experience for local foodies.

Southern California film producer Brian Baucum and Italian documentary director, Loreto Di Cesare came East to screen the film in Arlington, Virgina. They were excited to give Washingtonians a first glimpse of their eye-popping, chill producing documentary film. Brian and Loreto came to D.C. because they want to get your feedback on their new food documentary.

Revolution: Food is not your typical foodie diatribe. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong with our food supply, these gifted filmmakers are focusing on the passion and joy of the farmers who are reinventing the way we grow food. “Everything old is new again,” says Loreto.

This film is an exciting salute to the enterprising farmers and food activists who are reinventing the health food market and adding value to our agricultural landscape. Just as farmers need options and seek to meet needs, consumers are becoming aware that there is more than one way to put food on the table.

Visit the filmaker’s website to watch the trailer and buy the movie. Revolution Food Movie

Kimberly Hartke is a passionate local foodie. Follow HartkePR in facebook.