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Interview with a Former Inmate about Marijuana

Former Inmate Warns Children to Stay Away from Marijuana

This is a video/podcast about marijuana that I recently taped with a former Illinois Department of Corrections inmate, Eddie Martinez. I met Eddie while working on the prison soy lawsuit. He is a former gang member and spent many years behind bars, all because of an early introduction to the brain damaging drug. I urge my readers to take the time to listen to his story, and share it with others. This one story could prevent many from going down the drug abuse path.

Marijuana use, like alcohol, impairs judgement. What is particularly bad about marijuana, is that it convinces you bad is good. People do some horrific things under the influence of this drug, as Eddie’s tale reveals. Eddie shares this story in hopes it will help at least one young person stay straight and avoid his fate.

Listen to the Interview on YouTube.com

Risks of this drug

With legal pot is coming rising rates of teen addiction, and younger children (age 11+) using the drug. Traffic fatalities, psychotic breaks, cannabis withdrawal suicide, increased emergency room visits are all resulting from the attempt to make this drug socially acceptable. Proponents will tell you it is no more problematic than tobacco, alcohol, even coffee. Yet, marijuana is a psychoactive, fat soluble drug that affects the brain like no other. It impairs memory, crushes ambition, curbs inhibitions, deadens empathy, triggers panic and even violence.

If you want to be educated about the risks of drug use, and the threats posed by commercial legalization, I recommend you follow @poppotorg in Facebook. Also, subscribe to the Parents Opposed to Pot blog, poppot.org. Especially if you think you are in favor of marijuana being legalized, you owe it to yourself to get the other side of the story about the “Colorado experiment.”

Kimberly Hartke blogs about health and wellness.

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