Wise Traditions 2015 Focus on Fats

Michael Schmidt and Montana Jones Face Prison for Protesting Inhumane Sheep Kill Order


Rare Shropshire sheep were slaughtered, to add insult to injury the Canadian government wants to jail Michael Schmidt and Montana Jones, who spoke out.

Minnesota Farm Buying Club Under Assault by Overzealous Regulators


Both farmers and families who participate in supporting a Minnesota Farm Buying Club are being called criminals by the state. Can you say “food police”?

Big Pig Lobbyist Uses Cloakroom Tactics to Foil Small Farm Defense


Agribusinesses are trying to wipe out their local foods competition. They want pastured pigs to be labeled feral. Big Pig is joined by Big Poultry, Big Dairy and others.

Michigan CAFOs Conspire with Government to Ban Outdoor Pig Farming


Like something from a George Orwell novel, government redefines the meaning of feral to outlaw only pigs on pasture. Stinks like a CAFO plot.

Brave Dairy Farmer Takes a Stand for Personal Liberty and Private Contracts

Fresh pasture

Wisconsin organic farmer, Vernon Hershberger is facing serious jail time as he seeks to defend private contract rights granted to Americans by our Constitution.

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