What I am Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Blogger Kimberly Hartke shares her thanksgiving for the many new and exciting food flicks, her blog contributors, commenters, and one supportive husband.

Cackling Up a Witches Brew on Halloween!

Chicken Bone Broth looks Ghoulish, but it is a wonderful healing brew. A Happy WAPF Halloween to Everybody!

Weight Loss Blog Carnival Postponed Until Tomorrow

Hey all-I am out of town and will post the Weight Loss Blog Carnival tomorrow. You are welcome to go ahead and email your entries today. Thanks for your interest in the Natural Cures blog carnival. Tweet

Fermented Food Class Online!


For those of you who have not had the opportunity to take a class on fermented foods, here is a cool class by Scott, of Zukay Live Foods, to get you started on this fun hobby. Tweet

Grace Before Meals, Heals Families Says Baltimore Priest


Father Leo Patalinghug of Baltimore has an unusual avocation for a priest. He is teaching people how to cook, and the importance of sitting down together for family meals. With all the stress and pressure of everyday life, surely sitting down and breaking bread together is a tradition that needs to be revived…

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