Raw Food Diet Benefits Pets


Switching to a healthy raw food diet saved a cats life, and saved money on vet bills and meds.

Late 1800′s New Jersey Hospital Provided Certified Raw Milk


Another nugget from history, discovered on a hospital plaque in New Jersey. This hospital used to be a raw milk provider when the certified raw milk movement was in full swing.

Woman Achieves Increased Bone Density with Raw Dairy

Kathy didn’t take her bone loss in stride, she decided to take a holistic path to rebuilding her bones. This is a video testimony of her success in doing so.

How a Heart Attack Changed My Diet


Jack Moore’s heart attack on Christmas Day propelled him to study his disease and formulate a dietary game plan to beat it.

S510 Means Loss of Food as Medicine


Leslie Goldman wants to stimulate a national conversation on food safety policy which will also protect food as medicine and farmer’s and consumer’s freedoms.

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