Dr. James Carlson Debunks American Dietary Guidelines


Here is the powerful testimony of a medical doctor, whose clinical success with helping patients lose weight, gives him a unique vantage point from which to critique the USDA dietary guidelines.

College Professor Decries U.S. Dietary Mindset

Dr. David Diamond

This video exposes the dirty secrets behind the cholesterol lowering pressures put on American citizens by the health establishment.

GAPS “Grain Free” Diet Solves Blood Sugar Blues


You can go grain free! Guest blogger, Kate, shares her personal food journey, and how she ultimately triumphed over her blood sugar highs and lows.

Infertility Vanished with One Woman’s Weight Loss

What if infertility could be resolved without expensive and morally questionable procedures? What if a simple change in diet could make it possible to start a family?

USDA Low Fat, High Carb Plan Doesn’t Work for Many, Says Nutrition Scientist


Low carb diets still have no respect in policy making circles, as seen in a recent report by a government panel advising the USDA on dietary guidelines. Jeff Volek, nutrition scientists takes the panel to task.

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