Farmageddon Panel Discussion in NYC


Farmageddon is a film that serves up lots of food for discussion. So we put together three amazing panels to discuss the film in Chicago. Here is a recent panel held in New York City.

College Professor Chastises District Attorney by Teaching a Class on the Legality of Goat Shares

Professor sets out to school her students and elected officials on the meaning of liberty, free enterprise and private contracts, specifically, herd share agreements.

Farmageddon Opens in Portland, Oregon

After a great two week run in the Big Apple, Farmageddon moves on to two more cities for theatre runs. Check out the latest!

Raw Milk Sting a Wake Up Call for Freedom Loving Americans


Gerry Burde, who leads the Ron Paul/Liberty meetup group in his community, after the FDA sting on Dan Allgyer became interested in the raw milk issue.

Mrs. Moo Goes to Washington

Jersey Cow

Maybe it will take a plop of cow dung and a squirt of fresh milk from udder to tonque to get our elected officials to put the FDA out to pasture. Whatever it takes, America is ready!

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