A Heartfelt Wish…for No GMOs

Leslie Goldman, the local foods poet laureate, offers an inspirational Valentine’s wish, for a greener, cleaner world!

GMO Contamination Ruins 60% of Aussie Farmer’s Organic Crop


Steve Marsh, Australian canola grower had 60% of his organic crop ruined by GMO seeds blowing over the fence from a neighboring farm. Activists warn GMO alfalfa will do the same.

Monsanto’s Creeping Contamination Strategy


Now that our government has caved to pressure to deregulate GMO alfalfa, citizen education and action is the only way to save organic food and farming. I am looking for leaders who want to address this challenge.

Manifesto for 21st Century Food and Farming

British Royal, Sir Julian Rose is leading the world toward a safer, more humane food future. Read his compelling manifesto on food and farming delivered at a conference in Poland this past weekend.

Ohio Governor Moves to Deny Consumers Right to Know about Hormones in Milk

We must protest any time a politician or industry group wants to keep consumers in the dark about what goes into our food. Here is a way you can get involved.

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