Dairy Intolerance Vanishes with Raw Milk

Kate and Kids blog

Guest blogger, Kate explains how she came to discover her family’s dairy woes were related to processed milk. Now that they have gone raw, their troubles are over!

NIH Lactose Intolerance Conference 2010


A recent NIH conference was held to explore the lactose intolerance phenomenon, and WAPF was there to propose raw milk and kefir as viable options.

Severe Food Allergies Testimony

Stephie Steele has overcome serious food allergies with the help of raw milk. Her mother drives several hours each way every week to procure raw milk.

After 20 Years of Lactose Intolerance, The Joy of Finding Raw Milk

An amazing testimony about the power of raw milk. While naysayers claim there is no evidence, stories like this just keep rolling in.

Jenny’s First Drink of Raw Milk


The other day, I shared some of Aster’s milk (our family cow) with a friend. His girlfriend is lactose intolerant and he couldn’t wait to take some for her to try.

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