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Put yourself on the map for farm foods!

Today, I would like to introduce you to and share a video interview with the site’s founder. This is your opportunity to be in on the ‘ground floor’ of the newest social media phenomenon!

Max Kane is a wunderkind in the local foods movement. His life was spared by a diet of raw, farm fresh foods after a grim battle with Crohn’s Disease. Next, he started Belle’s Lunchbox, a farm buying club that connected urbanites to the distant verdant fields where traditional farmers were making incredibly nutrient dense and healing foods. Foods that are, for the most part, unavailable commercially.

Since Max sees firsthand how farm fresh foods enable many sick adults and children to achieve wellness, he wanted to make a bigger impact in making such foods easier to find. Max says, his latest project, will definitely help to facilitate direct commerce between buyers and sellers.


Max Kane believes in the healing power of raw, unprocessed foods like farm fresh milk. These are the kind of foods you can find on

Check out,, an exciting new web platform, that matches local foods up with the hungry consumers who crave them!

Thousands of people on six different continents are already on the map in just a few months. Our goal now is to let the world know about!

Here’s what Kristin Canty, a prominent food activist says about Max’s idea:

The most important thing we can do as consumers to correct our broken agricultural system is to seek out and support farmers that are providing the foods we want to consume. Farmmatch has very user friendly software that makes it very easy for consumers and farmers to find each other wherever they are around the world. I hope that consumers and farmers take the few seconds that it takes to sign up…it can make a world of difference! Thank you Max Kane for using technology to support such an important need…farmers and real food!-Kristin Canty, Film Maker “Farmageddon” Explained in YouTube Video

Here is a video interview I did with Max last summer, just prior to the launch of

Encourage Your Farmers to Get on the Map!

Please take a few minutes right now and fill out your ‘food profile’ on Then, share this post in social media. Help Max populate his map with people, farmers, farm markets and restaurants. Help local foodies find each other!

And, by all means, tell your local farmers! We can plant more farm foods on the map if each of us do our part!


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Kimberly Hartke is the publicist for and a featured blogger on Village Green Network.

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  1. Pamela Roth says:

    looking for something close to Grand Island Nebraska. Let me know.

  2. Kimberly Hartke says:

    Pamela, why not sign up on, then share the site with others in your area. Eventually, the right people will be on board and you will find what you are looking to eat!

  3. We like your site. We did find the mapping functions hard to use maybe due to our rural location. Also, we have been using Local Dirt and like it because farms can generate price sheets, and it allows for customer orders by automatically generating purchase orders and invoices. So, we are currently working to get our local group of farmers to profile into Local Dirt. We are just giving you some feedback and let you know of the various different options that are available to us. Thanks.

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