Factory Farms Behind Pig Genocide in Michigan

Dead Pigs Tell NO Lies

Farmers are being asked to destroy their own livelihood by committing pig genocide in Michigan. Outrageous!

On the Darkest Days of the Local Foods Movement, a Hero Takes a Stand


The state of Michigan has declared an unjust war on family farmers who produce humanely raised pork.

Pediatrician Validates Raw Milk as Powerful Nutritional Therapy


Plus Others Who Propose Raw Milk is Designed for Humans A California M.D. specializing in children’s health, speaks out boldly, in favor of raw milk and its benefits for her young patients. This video was taken last fall, during the theatrical screening of the food documentary, Farmageddon in San Francisco. It is a significant conversation, [...]

Harvard Raw Milk Debate


The recent Harvard Raw Milk Debate may have great influence on public policy. Please share this post!

Raw Food Diet Benefits Pets


Switching to a healthy raw food diet saved a cats life, and saved money on vet bills and meds.

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