Dr. James Carlson Debunks American Dietary Guidelines


Here is the powerful testimony of a medical doctor, whose clinical success with helping patients lose weight, gives him a unique vantage point from which to critique the USDA dietary guidelines.

Farmageddon Panel Discussion in NYC


Farmageddon is a film that serves up lots of food for discussion. So we put together three amazing panels to discuss the film in Chicago. Here is a recent panel held in New York City.

Modern Mama Revives Ancient Folk Remedy

Guest blogger Genevieve explores a lost folk remedy in today’s video blog.

Real Food Weight Loss Testimony


Kelly discovered the books, Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and Real Food by Nina Planck. She now blogs about real food and shares her amazing weight loss story on today’s video.

Woman Achieves Increased Bone Density with Raw Dairy

Kathy didn’t take her bone loss in stride, she decided to take a holistic path to rebuilding her bones. This is a video testimony of her success in doing so.

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