Austria and Almond Plum Cake

Native of Austria, Andrea Milstein shares a traditional recipe for Austrian Plum Cake, the perfect way to use the last of the summer fruit!

Why Cooking Is Beneficial To Your Health And Marriage

Thanks to Michael Pollan, I now have confirmation for something I’ve been having a hunch for some time. According to his article “Out of the Kitchen, onto the Couch”, which appeared in the NYT magazine this past weekend, people who cook and eat at home weigh less and are happier. Voila, hadn’t I been saying this for years, just not quite as eloquently and elegantly as Michael Pollan, which surely must have to do with English not being my first language. I love that excuse…

Spelt: An Ancient Grain for Moderns

photo credit: Rowan of Ravara SPELT - what’s the big deal? by HartkeisOnline contributor, Andrea Milstein I get repeated questions on spelt and I thought I would do a little write-up on it since not all that many people know what it is. Back in ol’ Austria (which is where I’m from) almost nobody bothers [...]

Andrea Milstein’s Raspberry Rollade with Spelt Flour

Andrea Milstein is a regular contributor to Hartke is Online! blog. Right when Andrea Milstein had pretty much exhausted all possibilities of using spelt, she had this flash-back to something her mother used to whip up during berry season.

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