Michigan Destroys Agri-Tourism with Swine Invasive Species Order


Disrespecting both private property and private enterprise, Michigan outlaws domesticated swine, calling these swine invasive species!

Forest Fed Pork-The Natural Alternative to Factory Pork Farming

The Forest--Species Appropriate Diet for Pigs

This week’s Natural Cures Blog Carnival is highlighting “Buy Local Foods” as a wellness strategy. Since the recent outbreak of swine flu likely started at a CAFO (Confined Animal Feeding Operation), it makes sense to look for safer sources of pork for the family table.

Join the Eat More Veggies Blog Carnival!

Today is our Natural Cures blog carnival on adding more fresh vegetables to your diet. So, I know you don’t like peas, but that is no excuse not to add them to a soup or stew. Since I made a commitment years ago to avoid canned and frozen vegetables (although I have weakened at times) I have come to appreciate the value and variety we can get with our diet out of the produce aisle at the grocery…

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