Weekend Gourmet Blog Carnival, July 30 2012


Please join in today’s Weekend Gourmet Blog Carnival! Even if you aren’t a blogger, you can add links to fave recipes in the comments!

Spies in the Farmers Market

Robert Burns and Actor, Ed Begley, Jr.

Robert Burns was a reluctant farmer, he grew up on a Connecticut dairy farm and fled the farm life as a young man by going into the Marine Corps. Influenced by a radical organic farmer he worked for in California, Robert has returned to his family farm and now heads the progressive farmers in his [...]

Join the Eat More Veggies Blog Carnival!

Today is our Natural Cures blog carnival on adding more fresh vegetables to your diet. So, I know you don’t like peas, but that is no excuse not to add them to a soup or stew. Since I made a commitment years ago to avoid canned and frozen vegetables (although I have weakened at times) I have come to appreciate the value and variety we can get with our diet out of the produce aisle at the grocery…

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